The world of Lacrymae

Lacrymae is what you make of it. It is Faerie, it is Avalon, it is the Underworld, it is Heaven. Lacrymae is made up of everything lost, of imagination and nightmares. Items forgotten, relationships twisted and lost, missing children and adults, and lost dreams and ideas are all things that find their way into its walls. It is everywhere and nowhere at once, though until thirteen years ago its entrances were few and crumbling fast. What happened then is whispered about in the halls and crannies of Lacrymae. A hiss, a curse, a joyous uproar. But Lacrymae grew, drawing in more and and more of the Lost Things. Yet now it wants more. Out of the cage that binds it.

Lacrymae is a story about humanity and lost dreams. A story about magic. Centered around Alice, a - mostly - normal college student, the story chronicles her adventures and experiences in and out of Lacrymae, both in the present and past.

The comic updates when the author gets off her lazy butt and finishes a page, until about 10 pages are done. From then on, a bi-weekly schedule will be set up, updating Mondays and Fridays.

The Author

My name is Scarlet Passmore and I made Lacrymae! I've always been a fan of videogames and stories that center in similar themes to Lacrymae. Some of the inspirations I draw from are Alice in Wonderland and the RPGmaker game Ib, as well as the fashions of Visual Kei and Lolita. There might be some Fatal Frame and Silent Hill influence, if you look hard enough. Nothing's original anymore, you know? I wanted to make a story that challenges me and both my writing and drawing capabilities. 

Currently I live in an undisclosed location in Oregon, USA. I attend a university, get alright grades... I guess (n.n;;;) and am going in for a Computer Science degree, after which I wanna head into Game Design. Most of my time is spent playing videogames, watching online shows like the Lizzie Bennet diaries, reading fiction, playing tabletop, cooking, drawing, making Let's Plays... let's just say I have quite a few interests. I live in a small apartment with a surprisingly large room, and quite enjoy my life for the most part.

I'm strange, quirky, I cosplay, and I'm a gamer through and through. While others watched Disney and children cartoons as a kid, I was raised on Resident Evil, Silent Hill, various older teen and adult animes, Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve, Metal Gear, Star Trek... the list goes on, but rest assured that most of the list is things atypical of a child (And by child I mean since the day I was born. I was watching Outlaw Star and Neon Genesis Evangelion from the time I was three or four.). Let's just say I've had an interesting life.

I was born in 1992, meaning I'm old enough to drink. Yay, alcohol! Except not, because sadly I rarely drink. But I like my wine!

I hope you enjoy Lacrymae, and if you've got any questions, feel free to ask; I'm much nicer than people think.


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