Main Cast

Alice Mason

Height: 5'5"

Age: 22

Witch Power: Not a Witch

Raised in Portland, Oregon, Alice had a very normal childhood. With a doctor father and a well-known writer mother, she was very well off. Despite the outward appearance of a happy family that went on many trips and functions, the truth is that she was largely neglected and left to her own devices for a great deal of her childhood. Her father was always working, mother shut up in her office writing, neither having time for the little girl who pretty much had the run of the house. That is until, while out on a camping trip when she was nine years old, little Alice strayed away from the camp. The affair made national news headlines, and many search parties were sent out in search of the little girl. Not a single trace of her was found until a month later, when campers at the same site she disappeared from found a little girl wandering the woods, disheveled and with no memory of the time she was missing. The only thing strange item she had was a necklace. Alice would scream and go into fits whenever someone tried to take it from her. No amount of investigation could find where she'd been, and her memories never returned.

Now Alice attends Portland State University, studying for a Music major (emphasis vocals, though she plays violin and piano) and an Art minor. Yet ever since her reappearance, she's had strange and fantastical dreams she has a hard time describing. A part of her knows that they are some sort of strange memory of what happened to her, but the memories of thsoe dreams quickly slip between her fingers once she wakes up. The only thing she remembers for sure is an area of the forest she went missing in. Now, thirteen years after her disappearance, Alice returns to that forest to see if there's anything she can find to fill the gaps and make the dreams stop.


Age: ?

Witch Power: Not a Witch

Years ago, a troubled young novelist was drawn to Lacrymae and met the young Alice. In the past he was lost in life. Now, exactly what he is and what he wants is a mystery, though it seems to have something to do with Alice.

Mary Shinomura

Age: 28

Witch Power: Pyrokinesis

Her powers manifested later than most, during her years in college. Now as an adult, Mary hasn't lost her hot-headed nature and channels it into her job; watching over the gates and entrances to Lacrymae in the Pacific Northwest of the United States as a Gatekeeper of Mnemosyne. She refuses to accept the weird and often inane rules and regulations that arise when you work in and around Lacrymae, and seeks to make a name for herself amongst Witches by taking on the hardest missions possible. Too bad she keeps getting stuck on Gatekeeping.

James Ryan

Age: 26

Witch Power: Memory Alteration

James is Mary partner at Mnemosyne. He is a bit on the stoic side, a personality trait that irks his partner exceedingly. His job is to cover the tracks of Witches and keep the existance of Lacrymae a secret to the world.